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STUFF : TECHNOLOGY : DIGITAL LIVING – STORY : Blogs of our lives has a survey of new blogging technologies that will increase the amount of personal information that needs to be managed.

While the multimedia diary will continue to be stored across a number of devices, the real challenge, says the CSIRO’s Science Industry manager, Dr Ross Wilkinson, will be how we organise and access it.

“In some sense where it is stored and how it is stored is going to be less important than ‘Can we find the stuff?’. It is hard finding things on a messy desk just as it is hard finding things on a messy computer. How do we get support for that?”

Wilkinson points to the likelihood of an artificially intelligent electronic helper that will learn from our digital habits and favourites, decide what to record in our digital cache and then organise the information into our life story.

Like the messy desk image. I’m always looking for stuff on mine.

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