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Digital Technology

Printers again

Following up from Somethings wrong somewhere and the laser printer/consumable issue the old inkjet printer (~1996) Kim uses ran out of a colour (yellow?). Now new cartridge costs $75 – new printer with cartridge costs $70-80. The cost is replacing the whole cartridge even if most of the other colours are still not depleted – too wasteful in my reckoning.
So looking for a new printer that has individual replaceable colours, MacOSX/WinXP compatible and won’t break the bank. So far the Epson Stylus C65 comes close but when one colour runs out it won’t print at all until that cartridge is replaced. There are some old Canon S520’s floating around cheap too, as well as the Brother MFC210c multifunction thing that seems to do that same thing with ink. The old printer still works and I have several unopened black ink cartridges so it may end up going to a student for essay printing.

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