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Pondering origin stories

Got a whole bunch (well, at least 2) ideas running around inside my head about the origin stories that occur in comic books, their significance for the development and understanding of characters and their possible function within the community of faith. While thinking about these I came across two interesting – and opposing – blog entries on them.

Sometime soon I hope to put my thoughts down when some measure of coherence emerges.

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  1. Hey Stephen,

    Bloody good idea that you explore this. I’ve been watching with some addictiveness Battlestar Galactica and was impressed and intrigued that they threw in an origin story (namely, that aftr the twleve colonies were established a thirteenth company travelled light years to make another colony named Earth). It’s made me want to watch and see how the story unfolds.

    Your looking into origin stories in comics would undoubtedly find parallels in the TV world. Good luck.

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