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The week that was

A week of lots of little things.
Monday – normal day of looking after the four kids while Kim’s at work.
Tuesday – lecturing to BCNZ students on the implications of their understanding of being human upon the wider world. (note to self: get real penguin for next time I do this)
Wednesday a PhD supervision meeting (note to self: put page numbers on drafts)
Thursday – looking after sick 2 year old son. Said 2 year old son pours bottle of baby oil over relatively new sofa. Went to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy to recover (note to self: do not complete dialogue out loud in cinema).
Friday – coffee with Mark, personal submission on xenotransplantation to Bioethics Council, watching Hurricanes play Crusaders in Super 12 semi-final.

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  1. Tim

    Ok, ok, put us out of our suspense! WHAT’S the PENGUIN FOR!?

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