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Native to the West

For those of you in Waitakere City, you can pick up your copy of ‘Native to the West’ – a guide for planting and restoring the nature of Waitakere City. Free to Waitakere City residents and ratepayers. (Copies available at public libraries or from the council)

From the media release,

If you live in Waitakere City and want to know what native plants to grow on your property, this booklet is for you. It offers useful information, whether your patch is in suburban New Lynn, backs onto bush in the Waitakere foothills or is within walking distance from a West Coast beach.

You may want to ‘restore’ a piece of land to its original bush cover or simply create a corner for native plants in your urban garden to attract native birds, lizards and insects.

Whatever the size and scope of your planting project, ‘Native to the West’ is a clear guide to researching your back yard’s ecosystem and helps you decide what natives are best suited to your conditions.

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