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London prayers

Watched the BBC last night as the news came in about London.

We pray, of course. But where to start.
We pray for those affected, we pray for Great Britain, we pray for the world.
We pray for healing, justice, compassion, love, against inaction.
We pray for those who help.
Jesus said to “love our enemies.” We try to understand how that is, we struggle with those prayers.

One thing that is on my heart is to pray against hate, fear, uncertainty and doubt. That the terror visited upon people does not become a monster that consumes communities of neighbours seeing each other as the “other”.

We remember to add London to the other places we pray for too.

Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy.

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  1. Thanks for the prayer Stephen. I’ll add my “amen” to it and the prayer for the much more global issues of violence (in all its forms). Have been busy shifting house (still in Cambridge). First chance I’ve had to sit in front on the monitor for a couple of days.

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