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Space opera withdrawal

It’s Friday, which is normally my evening of space operaAndromeda followed by Star Trek : Enterprise. But Andromeda finished last week leaving the total amount of space opera across all channels as Doctor Who and Enterprise. TVNZ seems to have dropped the ball on Stargate (Stargate on TVNZ) and I guess in NZ they figure that the science fiction genre has less mileage than yet another reality TV show.


So I’m really looking forward to the arrival of the Firefly movie Serenity in the cinemas relatively soon (10 Nov in NZ – with an advanced screening 19th Sep in Auckland). Here’s a recent Wired article about how fan pressure in response to Firefly’s cancellation helped generate the movie – Wired 13.09: PLAY – Serenity Now! If you’re thinking about going to the film try and get hold of the DVD box set of Firefly and watch the 14 episodes in the order they’re in in the box (TV3 played them all in order too). Firefly had the potential to be really interesting – the right mix of humour and human drama, as well as being a vehicle to explore questions about the world. Dark Horse has produced a comic series that bridges the gap between the TV series and the movie though these might be scare in NZ.


  1. Thanks sounds like an interesting series (‘Firefly’). Voyager was compulsory viewing for Kathryn and I. Started to watch Enterprise…

    Well done to your team last night. We had a SHOCKER!

  2. Hey Paul, I figured Waikato would whip us after the past couple of weeks results – but I was pleasantly surprised. Especially so as Waikato were offside all night 🙂

    I’m still not sold on Enterprise. The theme music really grates on my nerves – far too “schmaltzy”. Jeremiah (post-apocalyptic SF show) was like that too – good stories but the theme must didn’t really carry the tension over.

    Christopher Franke’s (re: Tangerine Dream) Babylon 5 theme music varied by season picking up the current themes in the plot. (see interview at ) That worked for me (as does Danny Elfman’s music for the 1990’s animated Batman).