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Looks promising – Greasemonkey – a user-centric model for controlling the content you see in your web browser. See Wired 13.09: START : Monkeying With the Web.

Arvind at Movalog notes that the new MT 3.2 styles and layout lend itself to Greasemonkey style hacking.


  1. k.gurunathan

    could you help me. i am wanting to contact christians who are active environmentalists, and reading christian thinking on our responsibility to safeguard the lords creation.
    there is a tendency amongst some christians to label the greens as new age sinners. this is so wrong.
    cheers look forward to a reply

  2. Hi Guru,

    There are a variety of places you could look. The interaction between Christianity and the environment is not straightforward – at least in the minds of many Christians. You might find some you would agree with aspects of the Green’s policies who wouldn’t label themselves “environmentalists”, and others who would use that label yet disagree strongly with some Green policies. Here’s a selection of links to try.

    Christian Environmental Network of NZ –

    CASI has an environmental section (with links) –
    Their election resources also include an environmental aspect –

    Vision Network NZ has an environmental area too –

    Also, check out the online articles at Reality Magazine – some of these are environmental and would be written by NZ authors. See

    For example:

    (Paper copies published in the Kapiti region)

    And finally there was an ecotheology conference here in NZ a while back. Academic references at:

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