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Books on the go

A few books on the go this week.

Firstly, I picked up Richard Bauckham’s Bible and Mission : Christian Witness in a Postmodern World the other day in a sale pile for $5. A collection of four reworked essays delivered to various audiences in Britain and Ethiopia, including material relating to the place of globalisation and fundamentalism in the world.
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Secondly, “Understanding Artificial Intelligence” which is a collection of essays put out by Scientific American. A fairly easy read with some of the familiar names (e.g. Minsky, Brooks, Moravec etc.) popping up. (I think there’s an eBook version out too, though my trusty paperback works better on the train.)

And finally, Guy Gavriel Kay’s “The Lions of Al-Rassan“. An alternative history, or at least a novel set in a world not to dissimilar to our own, based around the tensions in a land like Moorish Spain.


  1. I hadn’t come across the Bauckham book, I’ll give that one a go. Thanks for the heads up. Jason.

  2. Tim

    Was the Brauckhman book at CS?

  3. Possibly – but it doesn’t have a CS sticker on the back – which leads me to think it was at Manna in Henderson.

    (Quick rummage around the shelves to find other purchases at the same time…)

    Okay, so the Bauckham book, “Human Nature at the Millennium” and “The (Spiritual) Adventures of CyberCindy” which all came in the same bag have no CS stickers, a small purple dot sticker on the front and tiny price stickers on the back. That would make it Manna.

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