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God, superheroes and the graphic novel genre

Dave Zimmerman over at Strangely Dim linked through to a podcast interview he did with Andy Rau over at Think Christian » Blog Archive » Holy podcasts, Batman! Talking about God and superheroes with Dave Zimmerman. It’s a fairly large MP3 (50+ Mb) but I found it interesting. Particularly the last 20-30 minutes where the interview moved toward more of a discussion of how the genre might intersect with things like teaching ethics.

Then having listened to the podcast I saw Jason had blogged jason clark: THE ANGEL IS A CLOWN: FIRST GRAPHIC NOVEL BASED ON A GOSPEL pointing to the Marked graphic novel. It’s the gospel of Mark retold using the graphic novel genre and from looking at a few of the sample pages looks like it’s addressing some of the things I raised back in Greenflame: Constantine and comics revisited and Greenflame: Holy Warrior Nuns, Batman!. For a starter it looks like it’s been done by someone who knows that the current target audience of the graphic novel is the 25-40 age range and writes accordingly. Also looks to have captured some of the contemporary political edge to the gospel that gets lost much of the time. Will try and get hold of a copy.

Zimmerman managed to get to be chaplain at the Wizard World Chicago comic book convention back in August (See Strangely Dim: Get Your Geek On). Hmmm, Armageddon Pulp Culture Expo is over Labour Weekend in Auckland. I’m sure the preaching roster could be rejigged so I could attend longer than the one day I’m hoping to get to. It’s be good to hear someone like Mark Waid talk.

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