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Changes to Greenflame site

I’ve made some changes to the layout of the site – primarily to fix some Windows IE problems and to tidy things up. All the posts, RSS feeds etc. should still have the same URLs. Some of the old documents from the original Blogger based site are missing for the moment.

If it looks bizarre/broken try refreshing the browser to reload the stylesheet.

Other minor changes will be made over the next few weeks. Spent a while thinking about where the links in the entries should be underlined. Couldn’t make up my mind to I’m trying no underlining at the moment to improve readability.

In the end I decided to tinker with the existing Movable Type 2.6 set up that did everything I needed rather than move over to MT3.2 or WordPress. If I was starting a new project that would probably be WordPress-based.


  1. Stephen, it looks good. I like it. Well done. The weekend was vey relaxing, but not long enough. Sorry we didn’t get that beer on Friday.

  2. Hi Paul. Thanks for that. I hear your ongoing search on Friday was fruitless as well. Next time you’re up maybe. Or I might be heading down to Hamilton in the near future so maybe then.

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