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Take up the challenge : (un)mediated experience

After (possibly) sitting in a Parisian café for a month Jonathan Finley (AKA un californien à paris) returns to stretch us mentally, impressionisticly and linguisticly. Go to un californien à paris: (un)mediated experience and take up the challenge.


  1. Thanks, Stephen, for encouraging others to play the game, but, uuhmm, you, yourself, didn’t play. What are your impressions ?

  2. I will do in the next day or so. Just not enough time this afternoon. My problem/slant will be biased by semi-literacy, I think. I’ll see snippets of French that will intuitively make sense and others that won’t. That “static” will form part of the impression, I guess. While I get overall impressions, part of my brain will be trying to impose more order that I’ll be able to do (and dragging two years of french classes from high school up out of the depths).

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