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African Spider Craves Human Blood

Great headline just made for B-grade movies. Work done by researchers in NZ on spiders intentionally seeking out female mosquitoes that have feed on human blood as their primary food source. I’ve been working on writing a mini-history of artificial intelligence for the thesis and this sort of thing raises some of the ongoing issues as to what exactly intelligence is. The spider identifies its prey (good eyesight, biochemical receptors) and develops a “plan” to hunt and capture it. If we saw that sort of behaviour in a human we’d probably call it “intelligent”.

Anyway see, African Spider Craves Human Blood, Scientists Find.

Update: Remembered I’d heard Mark Wm. Worthing talk on this a while back. Here’s an essay of his related to the topic.

Worthing, Mark Wm. “Human and Animal Intelligence : A Difference in Degree or Kind.” In God, Life, Intelligence and the Universe, eds. Terence J. Kelly and Hilary D. Regan, 85-110. Adelaide: Australian Theological Forum, 2002.

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