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PhD seminar day at the School of Theology today. A dozen or so of us did quick presentations on our thesis work, plus a few other talks (including one on sitting your viva). Compressed three years work into 10 minutes + questions. If only writing it up went that quickly.


  1. 3 years into 10 minutes…I wish writing up were that quick too 🙂

  2. Yes, indeed. Mind you, I also wish I could explain my entire thesis in 10 minutes – that would be a welcome indication that I knew what it was about.

  3. It actually felt a bit like a “drive-by-shooting”. High speed delivery of various questions, points and conclusions to a somewhat stunned audience. Still one insightful question from another student that I will need to deal with in the thesis, and positive feedback from faculty afterwards (always good for the self-confidence).

    The nice thing about presenting in that type of place is that I don’t really need to worry about using jargon (well, in theory…at least one person didn’t follow me at all because of the jargon). Unlike trying to distill what I do down into a couple of sentences for a “lay” audience. Which is a good exercise in keeping your research relevant…but not having to explain what Christian anthropology, eschatology and the imago Dei are is good too.

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