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Flying visit

Visited Hamilton yesterday to catch up with various people at the University of Waikato. The weather was perfect with warm sun and crisp blue skies which made driving there and back a pleasure. The campus there is refreshing too, with trees, lawns and water, as opposed to the more urban campus of Auckland which is mostly concrete.Campuslibrary

I was primarily there to visit the technical advisor for my thesis in the Computer Science department which went really well. Also managed to see people in Film and Media Studies who are looking at online religion/religion online and an old friend in Physics/Engineering now researching in the area of autonomous robotics.

Then to cap off I had a most enjoyable dinner with Paul (of Prodigal Kiwi fame) at a café in town.

A day well spent. If there was work going in Hamilton, moving back there wouldn’t be a hard decision.

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  1. Hardly “famous” mate, but great to spend an hour or so with you. Have a groovy weekend.

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