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Mobile Game ‘Airport Insecurity’

Persuasive Games produce a variety of games with the objective of stimulating thinking and experience of real world issues with a view to persuasion, instruction, and activism (or at least, social awareness). Saw a link to their latest game ‘Airport Insecurity’ today when following up some virtual reality links.

Ian Bogost, Partner, and Game Designer at Persuasive Games, commented “Airport Insecurity simulates standing in line, and calls attention to our oblivious acceptance of security practices. The point of the game is to draw attention to the relationship between our perception of security, the reality of its effectiveness, and what rights we’re willing to give up on faith. The government has classified negative GAO reports on the TSA, and we culled as much data as we could from news archives to recreate a representation of how airport security currently works in America. We hope the game will challenge citizens to ask harder questions about the relationship between policy and civil rights.”

More also at Water Cooler Games, a site that looks at “the uses of videogames in advertising, politics, education, and other everyday activities, outside the sphere of entertainment.”

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