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Bizarre ADSL problem

For some bizarre reason I go away for the weekend and return to find that the only web site in the world that I cannot access through ADSL at home is Yet I can when I dial-up with the same ISP. Very, very annoying. But why? And why now after almost 3 years of using ADSL to access the site?

It’s not the iBook because the WinXP Acer and Kim’s Win2K HP laptop also have the problem, and I’ve tried various browsers too. It’s not the server because it’s visible on dial-up and I can FTP in to the site and ping it. Just web connections.

Can’t see any restrictions in the ADSL router. Why on the 24th Nov did it work and then on the 29th die a death? Web server logs don’t show my IP traffic even getting there.


Update: Well, it’s definitely just me. Others can post comments (thanks, Paul) and a variety of other people using different ISPs have viewed the site just fine. And it’s only port 80 by the looks of it. I can view pages if I use ports 8080 or 443 (SSL). Bizarre.


  1. Paul

    Maybe when you need to look at your site you can send me a letter via snail mail and I can lok it up and wqrite you a letter about what the site looks like. Or I can send a photograph of the site to you by carrier pidgeon. these technologies are always good when the web gets temperamental.

  2. Thanks Paul. Hadn’t thought about carrier pigeons but a crowd in Norway a few years back simulated an internet link by sending packets of information attached to pigeons, so it may have some merit. If I could post more then I’d blog the link.

  3. Classic.
    Does the plug talk to you too, like the ad on TV? I can’t imagine how I lived before access to the internet and thus the world was at my fingertips.
    Right now, my ISP is having ongoing huge mail delays. Like, today I got the followup email to one that was sent last night, but I didn’t get last night’s one till tonight, if that makes any sense. It’s SO annoying.

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