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Community at the intersection of paradigms

I read this interview with DJ and music producer Peter Tong because I was following an iPod/Apple thread (see Wired News: Pete Tong: Apple’s Gone Wrong?) and the following quote about DJ-ing stood out

The thing about technology — the same as I learned with the advent of CD — if you stop using old technology and move immediately to the new, your DJing dips. Maybe that’s a good thing, but my thing is to try and blend the two. Everyone I’ve seen who has just begun doing it ends up doing things they would never normally do, just because they can.

Seems to me to be true of many things – business, church and faith, even cooking. Being able to create something new within of the transition area. So rather than abrupt paradigm shifts where you throw away everything you previously did and embrace only the new ideas, you take all the experience, knowledge and technique from the old ways and remix them with the new to make something novel and unforeseen. And if you’re doing that you can connect people from different paradigms and together create a new community.

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