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Back from holiday (with books)

Back home after a very nice week down in the Bay of Plenty and the Waikato catching up with friends and family. Came back with a heap of secondhand books from various places including some from the open air secondhand book sale over in Ohope. Apparently the people there spend the year collecting books from garage sales and such and then over the summer sort them by genre, author and topic and put them out in cartons on their front lawn. Organised enough to handle credit cards, to have shade cloth up over the lawn and they claim to have about 20,000 volumes. I didn’t count them but I do know there were a lot of books there and more were being carried in all the time.

It’s taken a while over the last day or so but they’re all in Booxter now and on the shelves. Just bought a new bookcase and now we’re running out of space again. Must be time to get rid of some books. Yeah, right.

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