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Serenity-Dvd-FrontIt’s Serenity Day!

The Serenity was released today in NZ (DVD Region 4). A display stand at the door of the local Whitcoull’s had a pile on display with the sign “Get your free gift too.” And so I’m now the excited owner of the “Limited Edition” double-disc edition and I have a Serenity mouse pad to complete my desk. A Serenity poster would be nice for the office too but I haven’t seen any for sale in NZ.

Serenity-Dvd-Slip-CaseAnyway, I’m looking forward to enjoying the movie again and I’ll actually be interested in the extra features on the DVD this time – unlike many other DVDs I have. (The other exception to this rule is the “I, Robot” double disc set that has some quite good documentary stuff on the second disk – a veritable who’s who from my thesis bibliography.)

At some point I’ll have to watch all the Firefly episodes, read the comics and watch the movie in a marathon to get that real fan boy experience. 🙂

BTW – Steve has a review here. Written from the point of an “outsider” but still contains many good points. See EmergentKiwi: Serenity Film Review.


  1. mate, if you wanted a poster you should have told me, i could have tried to get you one when i did my “outsider” film review!

    of course; outsider = objectivity in making “some” good points;
    while insider = steve garner as harsh critic of steve taylors film reviews


    peace in the ‘sci-fi’ reviewer death match,

  2. Sheesh. You want to be a film critic and be liked? Sounds like wanting your cake and eating it too. 🙂

    Are you going to review “Aeon Flux”?


  3. I bought the firefly series of amazon a few months back and would recomend it – it is great as for Aeon Flux???? what a suck movie that was…

  4. I haven’t seen the Aeon Flux movie yet. The local cinema lists it as starting later this month. I have seen a few episodes of the MTV anime series and was thinking that some of Steve’s comments on the nature of fundamentalism in Serenity might also apply here.

    I’m also hoping to borrow a friend’s copy of “Steamboy” soon. It is directed by Katshurio Otomo who kicked off the whole Matrix style of things with Akira. This time though the setting is a little brighter than the typical post-apocalyptic world.

  5. I saw Aeon Flux when I was on holiday in the UK, and found it disapointing at best, the series was much better, especialy with the portrayal of the wider themes of the story. I guess that is what i enjoyed most about firefly. Despite the fact it is in may ways a very different story to Serenity it does have a great back story, and probably some great comments on the nature of belief, faith and christianity. I loved the scene where River sits down and corrects the ‘flaws’ in the Bible, the shepherd informs her that you don’t correct the bible it corrects you… Great sermon material…

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