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The Undiscovered Country

Editing a chapter I wrote several years ago on the historical interpretation of the imago Dei. Yesterday I went through the Protestant Reformation, so Luther, Calvin and others like Osiander and Flacius and leading into comparisons with Socinian interpretations (Racovian Catechism), as well as tidying up the stuff around Eastern Othordoxy and theosis. Today it’s Augustine, Aquinas and others like Lactantius, Justin Martyr and Origen.

Anyway, it’s been interesting seeing where my thoughts when years ago and what needs to be reworked now to fit with the thrust of the thesis. It’s like exploring a long, lost continent. You have the myths of what is there but I keep surprising myself with new discoveries while I following up references etc.

BTW – I know the title of the post is from Hamlet and is more about death than the past but it worked for me.

Obligatory space opera reference – Star Trek and Shakespeare.

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