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The Art of Creating a Community

An article by Guy Kawasaki on generating community – Let the Good Times Roll–by Guy Kawasaki: The Art of Creating a Community. Aimed primarily at generating communities to support business it has some points that would translate into building communities – particularly online ones – for other purposes. The article is being updated and revised every so often too. Here’s a list of points raised that are expanded in the article.

  • Create something that’s worth building a community around.
  • Identify and recruit your thunderlizards—immediately!
  • Assign one person the task of building a community.
  • Give people something to chew on.
  • Create an open system.
  • Welcome criticism.
  • Foster discourse.
  • Publicize the existence of the community.

(BTW – a “thunderlizard” is like an “evangelist”)

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