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Interesting Listener articles

Several articles came online recently after the electronic embargo period expired.

From the Christmas issue of the NZ Listener, which always has a good religion article in that issue there are:
Gospel truth by Tim Watkin and Bruce Ansley | New Zealand Listener (December 24-30 2005 Vol 201 No 3424) and Christ in the classroom by Nick Smith | New Zealand Listener (December 24-30 2005 Vol 201 No 3424).

And a few weeks later there was this article which has some really interesting ideas in it to discuss.

Thanks, but I’d rather be disabled by Marilyn Head | New Zealand Listener (January 21-27 2006 Vol 202 No 3428).

“The absence of alternative narrations of genetics, particularly those that see biotechnology as inherently threatening to the worth of people with disabilities, is a rude reminder of the silent and silenced voices of the disabled,” said Newell, who is associate professor of medical ethics at the University of Tasmania’s school of medicine.

According to this way of thinking, the hidden subtext of the genetic revolution is the re-emergence of eugenics, albeit clothed in the language of “therapy” and “choice”. Put bluntly, if disability in general is something damaged or broken that needs fixing, of what value are people living with impairments now? Are they also broken and damaged and therefore of less worth than other people?

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