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Are Angels OK?

Noticed that the second installment of Radio New Zealand’s Are Angels OK plays this Tuesday night on National Radio. From the web site,

A series of programmes arising from a collaboration between eminent New Zealand writers and physicists. The project is named Are Angels OK and is the work of The Royal Society, The MacDiarmid Institute and the International Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria University.

Anyway, in looking at the web site I see that the four installments are also available via the net. (Set your options to MP3 on the RNZ site to avoid getting a Windows Media stream.)


  1. Tim

    I set my “audio preferences” to MP3, but it still tries to download a PLS file whatever that is, I wrote to them but they simply offered to sell me a tape…

  2. A “.pls” is a playlist file that contains one or more URLs to audio files. If you have iTunes you can load the file into that (that’s the default behaviour in Firefox on my Mac) and it will get the audio as a stream. Alternatively you can look in the file with a text editor get the MP3 URL if you can’t access it through the playlist mode.

  3. Personally I think they should make the audio available as podcasts through an RSS feed. Would make listening to it way easier than the bizarre setup they have now.

  4. Tim

    Amen, amen, amen!

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