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Funny kind of day

Today was spent doing admin stuff before heading off to the Science and Theology Consultation conference in Canberra tomorrow morning. Smallest child had a tummy bug relapse so he was around too.

Swinging through Melbourne tomorrow and Friday (no direct flight to Canberra) and catching up with a few folk there. Now trying to get my home office tidy before I go so when I come back it’s ready for immediate use (and Kim can get to the other side of the room to her desk). There are four of us going from the Auckland region that I know of so I won’t be the only Kiwi there. Printing out a couple of the conference papers to read in the plane, and looking forward to being a in room full of people who think science-theology is worth talking about.

Also hoping the conference will shed some light on vocational possibilities in the Australasian region.

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