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New ATF books on the shelf

1920691014 Cf1501920691022 Cf150Picked up a couple of volumes from ATF Press last week that I had been meaning to get for a while. The one on determinism and reductionism has some essays that will intersect with my research. Being the collector that I am I had to restrain myself from picking up several other (but less immediately relevant) volumes in the same series. It was a shame that they didn’t have “Habitat of Grace” in the sale as I’d quite like to get hold of that to go with the two below and my copy of “God, Life, Intelligence and the Universe“.

IPM/ATF – Creation and Complexity : Interdisciplinary Issues in Science and Religion edited by Stephen Pickard and Christine Ledger.

IPM/ATF – Beyond Determinism and Reductionism : Genetic Science and the Person edited by Roland Chia and Mark Chan.

The entire ATF Science and Theology Series can be found here.

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