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2006 Human Rights Film Festival

The 2006 Human Rights Film Festival is on during May in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch. Picked up a promotional booklet from a local newsagent yesterday and had a skim though. All of it looks interesting. Of particular interest to me is the following,

Germany/USA 2005, 91 mins, Directors: Eric Black & Frauke Sandig

No holds are barred in California’s reproduction dream world. The perfect child comes with the promise of a college degree, manners, healthy genes, athletic body, correct gender and skin colour, all chosen from a catalogue. It’s a designer’s creation. Man plays God.

(More details here at Sandig’s website)

Also playing in the festival is,

Aotearoa/New Zealand 2004, 55 mins, Director: Dean Hapeta, Subtitles

Dean Hapeta (Upper Hutt Posse) traces the links between minority cultures, exploring the rich diversity of music, politics and society in his self-billed ‘rapumentary.’ A truly international documentary, with a strong New Zealand flavour, Hapeta creates a mosaic of compelling sounds, visuals and ideas.

Back in early 2004 I posted about it at Greenflame: It’s raining again and the links there are still active.

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