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Drupal 4.7.0 Released

Problogger notes that the new version of Drupal (4.7.0) is out now. It has some nice videos on installation and features. A while back Drupal made my short list when I was looking around for a CMS. Now the new version is out I’ll have a look and compare it with Mambo (another on the shortlist).

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  1. mambo’s unfortunately a little too complicated/busy for the average user. its a good cms and its opensource which is also good but when i was using it i came to the realisation that i could teach very few people how to use it, how to add plugins, how to upload information…

    so, when wordpress came out with the ability to create static pages i went and started to use that instead as a cms rather than a blog, KISS is a good motto.

    drupal is nice too, just a little more difficult to set up… but it’s getting better and for those of you who want to do multiple community blogging it’s probably the best option out there at the moment.

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