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Human Dignity Amendment – Christian Democratic Union – a Christian Democratic party in the US. Would like to see them define the imago Dei in some way and it looks like some idealized human genome becomes sacred. (Hat tip to SubversNZ: Human Dignity Ammendment)

George : Death and the brain. Better Humans posting linking brain function and rationality to personhood. Interestingly having made the claim that rational agency defines personhood he continues to address humans who can’t exercise that agency as “persons”.

Philadelphia Inquirer | 05/07/2006 | Science Anxiety talks about the anxiety generated in the general populace by advances in science and technology.

IST Results – Searching for the soul in the machine is an article contemplating artificial intelligence and the possibility of “computer society” – relational computing, but not as we know it, Jim.

I saw this a while back in the paper edition. On the one hand museums are training staff to deal with religious groups suchs as “six day creationist”, while here those groups are taking their own tours of the same museums with their own guides. See Science & Theology News – Religion around the world – Biblically correct tours find home at museums.

» The great Singularity debate | Between the Lines | looks at various speakers (for and against).

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