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Peacocke on co-creation with God

Working on refining the thesis section that notes people who have used the idea of co-creation independently of Philip Hefner’s work. Here’s a quote from Arthur Peacocke on co-creation which he frames within the topic of humanity, creation and concern for the environment:

to be co-creator with the ‘living God’ who always actualizes in his creation new possibilities, previously unimagined humanly speaking, is to be prepared always to adjust creatively and deliberately to the changes necessary for God’s purposes to be fulfilled—which includes maintaining the environment in such as way that it can go on being the medium through which life can continue and explore new modes of existence under the guidance of God. (p.316)

From: Peacocke, Arthur R. Creation and the World of Science: The Bampton Lectures, 1978. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1979.

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