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Hi ho, Silver, away!

The Lone Ranger gets a makeover in a new comic book series produced by Dynamite Entertainment. It’s being co-written by Brett Matthews who wrote for Firefly and worked on the Serenity comic book. See Dynamite Entertainment! – Lone Ranger #1 for some brief details and some page images, and NEWSARAMA.COM: BRETT MATTHEWS TALKS THE LONE RANGER for an interview.

I figure they’ll probably do the character justice. A while back I picked up the first issue of Dynamite’s Battlestar Galactica series and it had the same feel as the new TV series. (Random trivia – the writer of the BSG comic is Greg Pak – who directed the quite interesting series of short films using robots to explore the human condition. I’ve got the DVD and it’s worthwhile having a look at – just don’t expect a Terminator style movie. See Robot Stories.)

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