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Federated Farmers’ chief on environmentalists

A real “mish-mash” of ideas in this emotional outburst here. See Federated Farmers’ chief slams environmentalists.

Definitely falls towards the “Wise Use” end of the spectrum identified in the article: Jim Ball, “The Use of Ecology in the Evangelical Protestant Response to the Ecological Crisis”, Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith 50 (March 1998), 32-40.

The evangelical Protestants of the Wise Use type are providing a theological rationale for such exploitation. … Rather, those in this type seek to offer an alternative which actually works against caring for creation. God is indifferent to the rest of creation, and thus it has no moral status. Moreover, the best strategy for achieving the welfare of present and future generations is not conservation but economic growth and “resource substitution.” Thus, Wise Use’s co-optation potential has been fully realized.

“Wise Use” is, of course, in the eye of the beholder, and Ball notes that it has a measure of irony attached to it.

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