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Continuity and Change : Metanexus 2006 Conference

Last month Metanexus held their annual science and religion conference on the theme of “Continuity and Change“. Abstracts and full papers from the conference are available online from the web site. One paper I look forward to reading is
More than Human: Religion, Bioethics, and the Transhuman Prospect by Ronald Cole-Turner.

If I look sideways at that paper, I get an oblique reference when Cole-Turner says, “To date, there has been almost no attempt by religious leaders or scholars to respond to NBIC*, the notable exception being the August 2005 issue of The Journal of Evolution and Technology (see“. It’s always nice to be a “notable exception”.

* NBIC = nanotechnology, information technology, and cognitive science.

At some point soon I’ll also trip over to Kinder Library to peruse this volume of Zygon that has some thesis-related material in it. See Blackwell Synergy: Zygon, Vol 41, Issue 2 (June 2006). Normally I’d get the online version but there’s a 12 month embargo on digital copy through the university’s licensing agreement.

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