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God in Cyberspace

Came across the online lecture, Edinburgh University Divinity School: God in Cyberspace by Lavinia Byrne, the other day. Concentrating on religion and cyberspace, I particularly liked the conclusion:

The scribe of the Book of Kells knew about community; his was a monastic calling. Yet the discipline of scholarship required him to spend time alone; his art made this a necessity. This is the balance we are offered by a vision of communications which takes personhood, relationship and true encounter in community seriously. This is the balance that gives us a sense of where there is loss and where there is gain in our own use of technology. I would say that this is the balance we find in God, three in one, one in three. As our communications’ systems become more diverse, we need to exercise the gift of choice with true discernment; to mirror the divine image and likeness in which we are made in its true complexity. Like the young men who walked beside the Sea of Galilee, we can be fearless in our searching and fearless about asking him their question: ‘Lord, where do you dwell? We thought the answer was all about atoms. Now we have discovered that it is about digits as well.

There are other public lectures online as well. See

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Lyon, David. “Would God Use Email?” Zadok Perspectives 71 (2001): 20-23. (Available at

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