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Sente for references?

Does anyone know if Sente from Third Street Software is any good for managing bibliographic data and handling citations in word processing documents. I’m currently locked into the MS Word/Endnote system, but I wouldn’t mind having the option to try out Mellel for academic writing (which Sente supports as well as Word).


  1. Christos Efstathiou

    I like it for its ability to organize PDF libraries much better than Endnote. It does not offer connection to the Web of Science, making it tough to deal with scientific projects (Pubmed search is working though…)
    It still has some future in it… especially if it’s about to catch up with Endnote

  2. Good point.

    The connectivity options with EndNote work reasonably well, particularly it you have access not only to the library catalogues of your own institutions, but also other databases and catalogues. (Having said that, EndNote crashed and burned today when attempting to connect to an online catalogue.)

    Handling of electronic references is one thing that does seem clumsy in EndNote, though that may also be limitations attached to the citation styles required.

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