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On the raggedy edge

Spent the day wrestling my CV into some sort of hybrid beast. I have an academic CV and a technological/IT CV but needed a blend of these for a job application I’m making. Given that there’s nothing going around the place for theologians at the moment (<insert long list of reasons here – mostly to do with no one having any money>), I’ve decided to explore other avenues (and hopefully return to theological teaching/research at a later time).

Seeing as technology and education are another of my (many) interests I’m looking around in that area at the moment.

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P.S. Must admit it’s bl**dy frustrating. I have all these ideas and research projects in my head about religion, media and technology and no outlet for them at the moment. Plus, I keep running into the general apathy/inertia about Christian engagement with technology that’s also frustrating. Everyone wants Powerpoint (or like) in church – no one wants to think about appropriate technology or how technology shapes society.


  1. Stephen,
    We want you to think about appropriate techology and how technology shapes society. Isn’t that why we have you?
    Do not give up on research ideas/exploring themes, poking at Christians’ apathy/inertia etc.
    We’re just busy putting together our Powerpoints and we’re counting on someone doing some thinking….
    Cynthia 🙂

  2. I want to think about it too, and need the help of the likes of YOU…

  3. Tim

    Amen, both to the comments encouraging YOU to go on thinking and publishing those thoughts (whether in academic journals or the blog or better both!) but also to the heart felt sigh that too much of the church is stuck gawping at Powerpoint rather than thinking about how technology (repeatedly, and not least at this time) makes “things” different!

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