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Twin pillars: Charity & Social Justice

CASI have republished Christopher Carey’s short article Twin pillars: Charity & Social Justice from the August 2006 issue of Tui Motu. Talks about how love/charity cannot be divorced from justice – even if many sermons seem to make that distinction.

See Twin pillars: Charity & Social Justice

Why then is so little heard in the church about social justice? Why is it systematically ignored in homilies? There are probably many reasons. Three stand out. Surely a principal cause lies in our level of material comfort. In terms of income and stability, New Zealanders live among the top five percent on the planet. Our nation’s goals are wedded to greater economic growth and wealth accumulation. Social justice questions do not sit easily with such goals.

A second reason could be our own prejudices. We all have them. Having them challenged can be upsetting. A third reason will be our fear of losing popularity. Highlighting injustice tends to upset people, including family and friends.

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  1. Great article, resonates with a lto of thinking that is going around my head at the moment – hope all is well with you

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