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Bring it on!

Wellington 30 – 15 Auckland at Eden Park.

Otago or Waikato next week.

Bring on the final!


  1. Merv


  2. Ah, optimism.

    Still the battle of the forwards will be interesting.
    * Collins, Masoe, So’oialo and Herring vs. Lauaki, Bates, Holah and Messam;
    * Luke Andrews vs. Keith Robinson;

    And the backs should be great tussle too – Umaga and Smith on Kahui etc., Anesi and Sivivatu on Nonu and Jane.

    Because I cheer for Waikato when not cheering for Wellington [lived for 5-6 years in Hamilton with 2 kids born there], I think McCaw should be left behind for the end of year tour to sort out his head, and Holah and Masoe given the No.7 roles to develop cover there.

  3. Sunday Newspapers – Mighty Waikato Mooves Heaven and Earth to Crush Wellington !!

  4. Of alternatively, next weeks Woman’s Weekly features Waikato players talking about how they deal with trauma in their lives. Headline “Hamilton Hometown Heartbreak for …”

  5. Merv

    OH YES!!


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