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Dream Arcades

For an old retro gamer like me this is amazing (but not the price, unfortunately). The only drawback is that it doesn’t have an Konami games, such as the incomparable Gyruss, a game that has consumed more of my money than any other.

See Dream Arcades.


  1. oh my gosh! i didn’t know there was another gyruss addict out there! i was so addicted to it that i got fired from my job as a chemist delivery boy…

    soul mates…

  2. Even now, if I hear the first bit of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in B Minor, I can close my eyes and see “2 Warps to Neptune”. I tried to play it on an emulator a while back, but without a real arcade machine interface (that could stand a physical thrashing) to play it on, it was a pale imitation.

    It was the first arcade game with stereo sound! And the machine in the student lounge at my hall of residence had the sound ramped up really loud.

    Other retro favourites include Bosconian and Rally X.

    (I could never play Defender though – too many buttons).

    Video games and Bach – what more could you want?

  3. i can’t remember bosconian, but apart from that we are the same. defender was as you say too many buttons as was all the streetfighter stuff…

    rally x, timepilot 84, tutankhamen, elevator action and exed exes…

    they were great days weren’t they?

    i totally agree with the arcade emulators lacking the interface. i bought a joystick one time and it was just not the same…

  4. I see there are a couple of Gyruss arcarde units on Trade Me. Too pricey for me though 🙁

    I had friends a couple of years back who acquired an arcade from one place, and the Defender logic board from another to set up a machine in their garage. Even though I can’t play well it looked really good.

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