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Morality in GL?

Later on this week I’ll hopefully have time to pop into town and pick up the next issue of Ion from the comic shop. And it’s nice to find someone else who has been pondering some of the the plot lines relating to what exactly morality is the Green Lantern Corps, particularly in terms of who defines what “good” and “evil” are in the GL oath. The old O’Neil/Adams issue #76 (April 1970) with it’s oft-cited three panels here started one discussion of what exactly “good” and “evil” were in GL. I’m hoping for another.


  1. So sad that I’m not an active part of this discussion. I can’t find a reliable source of the comics. I just had a look at a place that will send subscriptions over to the UK… it’s expensive and not quick.

    If I find a UK comic shop that sends subscriptions, what GL-related titles do you think I’d need to keep up? GL itself, obviously… Ion? Corps? Was the Guy Gardner book a one-off? Is Green Arrow tied in, or just an occasional guest?

  2. If you can hold on for a few days I’ll post my thoughts on the current GL titles for this month. Just trying to put the finishing touches to the thesis so I can send a final, final draft to my supervisors in the next day or two. (Currently trying to decypher a cryptic comment in the margin of the last chapter – can’t tell if one of my supervisors thinks there’s a problem or it’s an interesting point).

    As for buying them in the UK, you might try the following:

    I’m holding out for the return of “The Brave and the Bold” in the new year.

    The Batman/GL story a few months back in GL was not bad. Don’t know how Waid will handle GL though (though I loved his Kingdom Come book).

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