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A very good week

A most excellent week this week. Performances by the children at school assembly, taking my youngest on foot through the church’s drive-thru nativity so he could pat the animals (including the llama dressed a a camel) and see the rest of the family dressed up, got the sign-off from my supervisor on the final draft of the thesis so I can now submit when I’ve printed and soft-bound it, shared a long birthday party with the youngest yesterday with lots of friends (his, mine and ours) dropping by through the day, and many other things.


  1. Congratulations on getting the PhD signed off by supervisors (and managing to get the bibliography finished). Is it now only the marking and the oral etc to go? It must be incredibly satisfying after years of hard work – it must’ve made the party and the coming Christmas that much more enjoyable.

    p.s. happy birthday

  2. Thanks for that. Once submission happens I’ll have to wait for about 3 months for the oral (viva), make changes, and submit new bound copies.

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