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Five things

180Px-Elite The Dark Wheel NovellaSb201

Steve tagged me, so here are five things you may not know about me:

  1. I can’t stand brussel sprouts, and am intolerant towards cauliflower and broccoli. Perhaps I have a green-hating gene?
  2. As a computer science postgraduate I was given a “Mostly likely to become Elite” award by the faculty.
  3. I originally went to university to study chemisty and astronomy, and before getting sidetracked into computer science passed undergraduate astrophysics and astronomy papers.
  4. The first comic book I ever remember reading was the Legion of Super-Heroes story in Superboy #201 where ERG-1 recovers his corporeal form and defeats the robot that has immobilized the legion. Alas, all retconned out of existence now.
  5. I like to diagram things to understand them better, and often reduce pages and pages of terse text (particularly theological writing) to visual representations.

I don’t forward chain letters (that’s a sixth thing), but if you feel inspired consider yourself tagged.

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