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Gradcentre2Submit – verb (used with object) – to present for the approval, consideration, or decision of another or others.

The object in question is my PhD thesis – “Transhumanism and the imago Dei: Narratives of apprehension and hope”. Three copies of the 100,000 words, presented in temporary binding for examination by three examiners.

It was ready to submit before Christmas but rather then making a mistake hurrying to get it in during the chaos of the week before Christmas I waited for the Graduate Centre (see picture) at the University of Auckland to re-open this week and dropped it in this morning at 9 am. Twenty minutes after that and I’m waiting for my oral defense in about three months time. For the first time in years I go to bed tonight without the spectre of thesis submission hanging over me. What a bizarre feeling.

Interested in giving one a crack in New Zealand – here are three options:


  1. Mark

    Hey Stephen,

    Warmest congratulations! I’m about to start my PhD journey… hope it’s as rewarding and successful as yours has been.

  2. Congratulations Stephen. I’m pleased you’ve finished it and now have your oral defence to look forward too. Well done. It’s been a long journey.

  3. Congrats on yours!

    But when listing opportunities, don’t forget: London School of Theology! — If you have a theological library near you that you can use, you can do a PhD at a distance, coming to London for a week or so every year. And if your interest is in Narrative Criticism, Luke-Acts or 1st century history, there’s a reasonable chance you’ll get a Green Lantern fan as a supervisor!

  4. Thanks, Conrad. I had an NZ friend do her Masters through LST, though they moved to London for the duration.

    Flexible learning does raise the possibilities of not leaving home though, and the odd Otago student (they’re all odd anyway 🙂 ) lives in Auckland and goes down there once a year too.

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