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Watching the development of GL’s Sinestro

AntiglComic buying is temporarily on hold at the moment, but that isn’t stopping me from paying attention to the developing story of the Sinestro Corps within the DC Universe. Finally, the villain Sinestro seems to have moved from an almost comic (pardon the pun) character to one who is deadly serious. It was hinted at in the Green Lantern: Rebirth series and now it seems like more depth will be added to the character. Way back in Emerald Dawn II (early 90s) Sinestro was portrayed as a control-freak who imposed (his) order upon the world in clear cut, black and white categories – a fundamentalist almost in some ways. Now, we get to see where being thwarted in that goal takes him.

Newsarama has an interview here about the upcoming mini-series: TAPPING IN TO EVIL: ETHAN VAN SCIVER ON SINESTRO CORPS – NEWSARAMA.

My only quibble with the interview is that it does seem to ignore the fact that something similar was done way back in March 1982 with the creation of the Anti-Green Lantern Corps (see picture). On the other hand, the new attempt at a dark mirror to the GL Corps looks far less cheesy than that.

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