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Life seems busy

Life seems to have been busy of sorts lately.

  • Lots of visitors at Easter and then through until today (including Steve the Emergent Kiwi who stayed for a couple of nights last week).
  • School and kindy holidays.
  • My oldest son’s birthday + party.
  • Kid’s soccer practices in full swing for the season start next Saturday.
  • Some part-time work (including being paid to drive around a set route in the Auckland traffic over a 12 hour period with a GPS to time how long it took at different times of the day).
  • Preaching last Sunday out in the country at a congregation associate with our parish (I’m on the lay preaching roster). Nice service out there, and I preached on the theme of hope out of John’s Gospel. Preaching again this week at our regular church.

Lots of little things – but they all add up.


  1. i really enjoyed the time. thanx for having me. my kids loved the pics. thanx

  2. Not a problem. Nice to have you to stay. Glad the teaching went well.

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