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Spider-Man toys rated

Lore Sjöberg over at Wired investigates the plethora of toys designed to turn you into your ‘friendly neighborhood Spider-Man’ as the movie tie-ins ramp up their presence.

  1. Caught Up in an Ugly Web of Cheesy Spider-Man Marketing
  2. Still Caught in an Ugly Web of Spidey Marketing

All the new Spidey stuff has taken up the shelf space of other actions figures in the toy aisles. I saw a big bin of DC Justice League Unlimited toys heavily discounted the other day but managed to avoid the wrath of Kim by restraining myself. Still I’d like to get the GL set sometime soon to add to the figures on top of the monitor. (Would also like to get the other 6“ B5 figures (and Firefly ones) to go with the Sheridan figure in the office too.)

Mattel Justice League Unlimited 3-Pack Green Lantern Kilowog Tomar ReDcfigures

Oh well, let’s get a job first that pays me to ‘research’ pop-culture.

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