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Soccer road trip

Up in the dark yesterday to take Mark to a soccer tournament in Whangarei. Returned in the dark too. Mark’s team (U11 Waitakere) played 6 games – won 4, lost 1 and drew 1. The team were happy, as they’re a new squad made up of players from various West Auckland clubs who’ve only had a couple of practices together, and things will get better as they play together more.

Very windy (the Pentecost factor?) but the rain stayed away. See the 360 degree panorama taken from side of the park.


Quicktime VR of the same photo. No idea if this will work, and you’ll probably need to view it in Quicktime player rather than in the browser.

Should be tournaments in Cambridge and Tauranga in the next month or two, so lots more traveling coming up.

Got to go – three soccer practices to get kids to this afternoon. Fortunately all club practices so they are all at the same training ground. Will prepare hot and hearty food for when they return.

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