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Sleeping Giants DVD

Sleeping-GaintsReceived a copy of the Sleeping Giants: Climate Change – Science, Policy & Action DVD in the post on Saturday and I’m looking forward to viewing it soon. It’s a collection of interviews with speakers from the Climate Change Conference held in Wellington in March 2006. (See Greenflame » Bishops warn on global warming – 05 Apr 2006)

I got my copy free through the web site of The Social Justice Commission of the Anglican Church (though I can’t see the link to their shop at the moment so can’t provide the link), but it’s also available for free from other sources – e.g. Sustainable Business Network: enabling business to flourish through sustainable practice: Free DVD – SLEEPING GIANTS (Contents of DVD listed there too).

BTW – the The Social Justice Commission of the Anglican Church operates a blog and has various news feeds and newsletters you can subscribe to.

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  1. Social Justice Commission of the Anglican Church here – our store is offline right now, but you can ring us (see contact details on our website) for a copy and we’ll be happy to send it. Cheers.

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