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Back home after having my gall bladder removed by laproscopic surgery yesterday. No problems with the operation and feel quite good apart from some tenderness. Still a bit of CO2 fizzing around inside though. Asked to keep the gall stones but they turned out to be more of a sludge than nice stones – so that’s another children’s talk idea out the window.

When I was researching the thesis I read about this system – Workmates – da Vinci Surgical System. Was planning to see what they used yesterday but forgot once they started pumping anaesthetic into me. Oh well, next time?


  1. Naomi


    I think that with some imagination sludge would make an even better kids talk than stones.

    Good to hear you survived.

  2. Pleased to hear that all went well Stephen. May you all have a restful weekend – well to the degree that you’re able.


  3. Just saw this in the news today. Gallbladder removed through the mouth.

  4. Wow. Sounds good – though I’m happy with only having to recover from four little incisions rather than a single big one under the rib cage as used to happen more often.

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