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Biblical Studies (Hebrew Scriptures) position at Auckland

The School of Theology at the University of Auckland is advertising for a Biblical Studies lecturer with specialisation in Hebrew Bible. So, if you’re an Old/First Testament kind of person, you dream in Hebrew, and you want an Antipodean lifestyle, now’s your chance.

See Current Vacancies – The University of Auckland – Lecturer in Biblical Studies (A479-07I).

Ah, the choices we make. I was really torn between Old Testament and Christian Thought and History in my studies. I’d done all the OT BD papers available (including the Hebrew options for Psalms and Pentateuch). Opted for theology, and now all the jobs around seem to be in OT. B*gger.

Still, managed to do a theology thesis relating to the imago Dei that had a chunk of OT exegesis behind it, and the ‘Eighth Century Prophets’ paper I did significantly informed social justice aspects in the thesis, too.

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  1. Tim

    So, my friend acknowledge the Voice that is calling to you, recognise the signs of the times, and convert! I once was pointed towards a sad future as a mere Systematic Theologian, but I listened to the still small voice, and became a teacher of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament/First Thingy and I have never once looked back to remember wistfully the onions of the small Egypt, though I am “just visiting” in the paper I am currently struggling to write for the CToG colloquium 🙁

    Feed on manna, follow the light by night and the cloud by day and enter the promised land of biblical studies 😉

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